Better Bodies

Better Bodies

Transformation Challenge 5 – April 29th to June 11th

Even though we have for 30 years been transforming people with fitness. We recently launched our …destination Transformation Challenge. Believe it or not, we are now about to kick off our 5th challenge, one which will run for six weeks starting Saturday, April 29th.

There are plenty of challenges out there. However, our challenge is on a level of its own. It isn’t just about muscle mass gain or weight loss it is about truly transforming as an individual. One of the best parts of our challenge is that it is for everyone regardless of current fitness level. You will receive a program written by industry professionals, have access to a weekly LIVE question and answer session featuring special guests, and be included in an interactive community that is there to encourage and inspire you throughout your journey.

Want to learn more and to sign up? Head on over to our Transformation Challenge page.