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Partner Spotlight – My Gym Closet

Partner Spotlight – My Gym Closet

According to some people doing business with family is a big no-no. However, for twin sisters Emmy and Christine Weterings of My Gym Closet it was a no-brainer and a success story.

Emmy and Christine heard the market screaming for more fashionable gym apparel a call that they answered. With an education in retail and a passion for fashion and fitness, they decided to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. On their birthday February 13th, 2017 they launched their business My Gym Closet, a web-based store focusing on gym wear for women.

Their goal was to bring a flirty vibe into the closet of every fit girl, so they set out to find that perfect brand. According to Emmy and Christine, they didn’t have to look far. Better Bodies was the brand that they decided to go with as it known in the industry, yet had plenty of ground to take in the Netherlands.

Looking fabulous and being comfortable, while wearing quality that is what My Gym Closet is all about. A quarter of the way to their second anniversary they now have a loyal customer base which includes cross athletes, yoga practitioners, runners, and of course the fanatical gym-goers.

For any new business one of the biggest challenges is getting your name out there, something that requires hard work and creativity, which Emmy and Christine wholeheartedly tackled with determination. They participate in every big Fitness Expo in the Netherlands, a country of nearly 17 million. They work with promoters and of course, have a major focus on social media. Because of this hard work they have grown to one of the biggest on-line retailers in the Netherlands for gym wear.

MGC promoter team

Having accomplished their goal of bringing high-quality clothing to the female market, they set their sights on men’s apparel.

They added not only the men’s collection from Better Bodies but also our brand GASP. Unbeknownst to them this would create a new challenge. They found that guys are a little more old school and online shopping isn’t for them. Instead, they prefer to make their purchase at expo’s, where it sells like crazy.

Starting My Gym Closet has been a life changer for Emmy and Christine, who are both mothers to young children. Chasing their goals takes a lot of hard work and dedication to their business which at times can be a challenge, however to them it is all worth it. The energy that they receive in return makes them happier moms and with their kids hitting the age where they can help out is a big help.

“We are very happy and proud we can do this together!” – Emmy and Christine.

We are also proud of them and wish them continued success in their journey.

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