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Better Bodies Athlete Bo Johson #1 on Billboard Charts

Better Bodies Athlete Bo Johson #1 on Billboard Charts

Bo Johnson (@bojohnsonofficial) wears many hats! Bo has been a member of the Better Bodies Athlete Team since 2009 and exemplifies what the #betterbodieslifestyle is all about. However that is only a part of who and what Bo is. Not only is he a loving father to his two children, his son Oliver and his daughter Miranda but he also recently joined the ranks as a #1 Billboard awards winner. We took an opportunity to catch up with Bo and here is what he had to say.

1)      Who is Bo Johnson?

To be honest I’m not very good at, nor fond of, talking about myself.

But to give it a try..

I’m a hardworking and self-disciplined man, and a proud father of two wonderful children who mean everything to me.

I have quite a lot of life experience, in many different areas.

People often describe me as kind, a warrior who never give up, a good listener and a “thinker”.

I’m grumpy in the mornings, glad during the days and I always try to follow my heart!


2)      How did you first come in contact with Better Bodies?

I sent in an application to the Team Better Bodies in December 2009. Just hours later I got a reply from Erika Boström, offering me a place in the team, and I’ve been a proud and grateful member ever since!

Before I became a Better Bodies Athlete, I had been using GASP and Better Bodies training clothes ever since mid 90s


3)      How is it being a Better Bodies athlete?

It’s exciting and empowering. To me being a Better Bodies athlete means you are not only representing the brand itself, but the values and lifestyles loaded in it and all the awesome people behind it, as a big international family. Everybody from the employees to the athletes and ambassadors.

And the group has become more and more international as well, with offices in several countries and with team members all across the globe.

I really hope that the core and the values will be kept despite the big growth and spread, which can be challenging in itself. But as far as GASP & Better Bodies are concerned, I am not that worried. Because it’s like a football team… If we possess a strong and clear idea, game plan and vision, we could almost recruit and sign how many players we want and they will just instantly fit in and deliver. As long as they match the player profile


4)      Fitness seems to be a big part of your life, why is that?

Ever since I was a young child I’d been doing different kinds of sports, and I grew up looking up to Arnold Schwarzenegger and everything he managed to accomplish.

But then to make a long story short, I had a severe injury in my left leg when I was 15 which led to the doctors saying “you will never be able to walk again”. However thanks to new orthopedic surgery methods, half a year of lying with a metal frame around and through my leg and another half a year of painful but very determined rehab training, I was both able to walk, run and train again.

It was during that rehab time I fell in love with the iron! By pushing weights at that time, you could almost say I turned my enemy into my best friend.


5)      Tells us a little bit about your music career?

I very much grew up with music as well, and to me training and music has always strongly belonged together.

When I was a kid I listened to everything in my father’s impressive LP collection; from jazz and blues to rock, soul and reggae. I bought my first LP in 1989, it was “…But Seriously” by Phil Collins! And that same year I managed to get in to a piano lessons class, and my dear mother could afford to buy me a piano after she had been working really hard almost 24/7 for years.

In 2001-2004 I studied Music Management at the University in Kalmar, Sweden, and after that I moved back to Malmö and started my own small record label. It went great during the first 2 years, but then it went worse and I was fooled by one of the major labels who didn’t fulfill our agreement. After that I was forced to put the music business aside again and just have it as a hobby.

However since 2014 I have slowly and successfully managed to break into the music industry again, as a songwriter & producer, and in some cases also the artist.


6)      When did you become interested in music?

Since I was born! Other than in my previous answer.


7)      What made you decide to go all in with music?

That’s a hard question… I guess best answer would be when I decided to start my own label.

Although I’ve always wanted to go all-in with music. But because of the extreme nature, culture and different conditions of the music industry, it’s really rather the industry than yourself that decides whether or not you can be one out of the millions trying to break through and make a living of it. Resources, knowledge, talent, contacts, passion, hard work and merits can only give you a few percentages of a bigger chance.

Once/if you manage to really get your music out and noticed, the power gets somewhat moved to the listeners though. If they love what they hear that is


8)      You recently received an award for being #1 on the Billboard, tell us about this and what it means to you?

Yes! That felt a bit unreal of course, considering the Billboard charts are the biggest and hardest ones to break into in the world. But there was a good gut feeling for that track all along, even prior to the release. The industry response for both the radio version and the three official remixes of the song was exceptionally good, and then it was just awesome to watch it climb the Billboard chart for 12 weeks in a row until it reached the nr 1 spot

It was a joint effort and there were four of us who were awarded a golden plaque.

To me it most of all meant a huge confirmation of that I’ve done something really good, and it makes me glad and proud. It’s my calling, and through music I can connect with and give people feelings in a universal language.


9)      If people want to listen to your music how can they find you?

Some of my work and releases are up on Soundcloud:

And just a few on Spotify:

I’m also at iTunes, Tidal, Beatport etc. But due to the fact that many of my songs and productions have been released by other labels, with split rights ownership and different label strategies not all are available at Spotify and iTunes etc. And some are licensed and released with other artists.

However, I have several releases coming up this year which I have written, produced and which I will be the artist for as well, that will be available on all platforms. I am really excited about these and I’m really looking forward to share them with all since they have a depth in them, they are personal and I wrote them from my heart with real experiences. The industry people who have listened to them say it’s the best I’ve made…

First up is a single called When Dragons Crywith three versions. It will be released on the 29th of April, by my own label BJ Music and distributed by Universal Music worldwide to all platforms.

After that I have a release with Frans (who won the Melodifestivalen and represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016) new single, and after that a release with the extremely gifted Laura Cavacece (eg. NFL and NHL American and Canadian National Anthems singer, founder of Hidden Talent Canada).

And more……


10)  Anything else you would like to share with us?

I would just want to encourage you to really follow your heart.

I become sad when I see all the slothfulness and materialization that the society has brought us today, that we have brought upon ourselves for our own “convenience”, as well as all the shallowness and self-absorption in parallel. Not least in our beloved fitness industry.

Never forget where you come from and who YOU really are, try to learn from your parents and grandparents to find your own way.

Take care of your loved ones who matter the most, meet in person and try to live healthy.

And last let nobody tell you that you can’t do something! Follow your dreams, but choose your dreams wisely.

Much love, Bo

Fun Facts: 

Name:  Bo Johnson (@bojohnsonofficial)

Where do you live:  Malmö, Sweden

How old are you:  35, turning 36

Family:  My son Oliver, my daughter Miranda

Favorite food:  Pasta, chicken, fish and steaks

Favorite muscle group to train:  Back and legs