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Athlete Team

Better Bodies Athlete & Ambassador Team

Better Bodies only sponsors the best athletes in our industry! We focus on getting the right personality, qualifications and looks!

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Better Bodies Athlete & Ambassador Team, send us an email where you write about yourself and what you believe that you can offer in a sponsorship collaboration to make the relationship rewarding for both parties. We also want you to write about your experience of the brand Better Bodies. How did you become aware of Better Bodies, do you have any favorite items in the assortment, any feedback etc.

Send your email including relevant pictures to



  • Adriana Andersson

  • Allison Frahn

  • Amber McElreath

  • Anna Larsson

  • Antonia Pesevski

  • Armando Chavez

  • Ashli Warren

  • Bo Johnson

  • Branden Richards

  • Brittany LaNae

  • Candice Keene

  • Carrie Coker

  • Casen Coker

  • Chase Bergner

  • Chaya Boone

  • Chris Griffin

  • Chris Villa

  • Christina Kiely

  • Christine Avila

  • Daniel Sullivan

  • Dustin Mills

  • Elvis Omerovic

  • Frida Bålefalk

  • Heather Binyon

  • Henrik Lindh

  • Jared Groff

  • Jennifer Dawn

  • Joar Fällmar

  • Kelsie Clark

  • Kine Krøs

  • Leo Wessman

  • Line Marion Nielsen Kjøniksen

  • Maiju Minea Aalto

  • Maria Ahlberg

  • Maria Eriksson

  • Maria Hasselmark

  • Mette Stensland

  • Paulina Brodd

  • Petra Kardell

  • Robert Back

  • Robin Olsson

  • Rosanna Scharin

  • Samer Dawood

  • Sandra Solaric

  • Sofie Nilsson

  • Sofie Rosenvinge

  • Vicki Diaz